Jeffrey (Jeff) Foster


Jeff wasn't born in a Land Rover, but he left the hospital in one, and he's spent his entire life in and around them since.  He grew up in the bush of southern Angola on a 55,000 acre cattle ranch, where the only roads were sand tracks and much of the driving took place where no roads existed at all.  Any vehicle less tough and capable than a Land Rover wouldn't cut it.  Jeff rebuilt his first Land Rover, a Series III, from scratch when he was in his teens and to date has thousands of hours driving and maintaining Land Rovers in the world's toughest conditions.  Recently married, Jeff has relocated to Springfield MO, where his wife is working as a nurse.  He has launched Rerover to bring his passion for the ultimate off-road vehicle to the US market.


Tim Arscott


Tim is an entrepreneur, farmer, cider maker, and craftsman, with a love of all things outdoors (except for hiking for hiking's sake).  Formerly with McKinsey & Company, Tim now works full time at his farm and cidery in the mountains of North Carolina and has teamed up with Jeff to help make Rerover a reality.  He has some off-road chops too, having lived and worked in Angola and Jamaica, logging many hours driving Land Rovers (and the occasional Unimog) through the bush.  


Stirling Foster


Stirling Foster is one of the world's foremost Land Rover experts.  He grew up in the African bush and lives today in remote southern Angola, where he operates a 55,000 acre cattle and game farm that supports outreach and development aid to the Ovangambwe people.  A natural mechanic, Stirling operates and maintains working Land Rovers to service farm operations.  He has also logged well over 1,000,000 km driving the African bush of Angola, Zambia, South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, including overland expeditions into remote areas that few Westerners have ventured.  Through satellite internet connectivity, Stirling provides technical consulting to Rerover, including specifying builds to ensure ultimate reliability and direction with challenging mechanical issues and custom fabrications.  We're confident that Stirling brings unrivaled experience and expertise to Rerover.